Group lessons

When joining a group you will have a weekly online session of 1.5 hours. With 4 to 8 learners per group each learner is sure to have lots of speaking time and to get the tutor's individual attention. The courses have 16 (A1), 22 (A2), 27 (B1) and 24 (B2) sessions.

A1-course - EUR 345
A2-course - EUR 465
B1-course - EUR 565
B2-course - EUR 505

Exam preparation courses have 20 sessions
Civil integration A2-course - EUR 465
State exam Nt2-course (B1/B2) - EUR 505

Private lessons

By taking private lessons you can largely decide the time and the content of classes. Through an introductory meeting you can indicate your personal learning goals and availability and your proficiency level can be determined. There is no minimum number of hours for private lessons.

We can offer you the regular courses from A1 to B2, and also exam preparation courses. 

The rate for private lessons starts at 47 EUR per hour.

Homework guidance

The tutor supports the pupil with reinforcing the materials that were covered during class at school and guides the pupil through completing homework assignments.

47 EUR per hour

Incompany course

Let your organization stand out from the crowd by offering your employees with our Incompany courses. These courses are tailored to the ambitions of your organization and the curriculum is customized to your organizational / employees' learning needs. 
Our general terms and conditions can be found here