Here at Linguaterra - a small language school with classrooms in Ede-Wageningen and Utrecht. We specialize in teaching Dutch, English and offer homework guidance to secondary school pupils. Check here about our coming courses! 

Update - "offline" course

As all the restrictions of COVID-19 are lifted in the Netherlands, Linguaterra Institute is preparing to start face-to-face Dutch courses again. We will be offering courses in Ede, Wageningen and Utrecht. Besides the real locations, the online courses will be offered continuously. Are you looking for Dutch courses? Feel free to contact us! 

Our Strength

Competent and patient language coaches

When taking up a course at Linguaterra Institute, you're sure that you'll be tutored by a coach with a thorough understanding of the Dutch language and its grammar. The coach will use didactic methods that help you learn the language efficiently.
Personalized language learning environment
All language learners are different so the coach will create learning opportunities for you that can fit well with your learning aims.
Positive and inspiring

The coach is passionate about teaching the language and does so in a positive, patient and encouraging manner. The coach creates a space for each learner to practice and overcome challenges. Making mistakes is good and forms opportunities to learn and improve.


Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm

E-mail: info@linguaterra.nl

Address: Jan Th. Tooroplaan 175, 6717KG, Ede, the Netherlands