Linguaterra Insitute

Linguaterra Institute was established in 2012 under the name of 'Engels van A tot Z'. Nearly 2 years after starting up I began offering Dutch language classes and the name Linguaterra - derived from 'lingua' (language) and 'terra' (earth) - was born. My mission is to tailor to the communicative needs of language learners by offering quality language teaching services for an affordable price.
Hi, my name is 


I started offering language services to my peers back at uni in 2006. I'm passionate about sustainable livelihood development and from 2006 to 2012 I spent most of my time living in various Asian countries, working for governmental and non-governmental organizations supporting agricultural development. Spending a few years in the Far East enriched my worldviews and boosted my intercultural communication skills. I first started offering English teaching in Taipei (Taiwan) in 2012 while studying Mandarin Chinese there. Later that year I returned to the Netherlands and started tutoring English to children with special needs. Soon after I founded this company.

Through Linguaterra I want to share my language skills with you (and if you're an employer also your employees). Having received training in didactics I would like to 'infect' you with the desire to learn the Dutch or English. I know from first-hand experience that life gets so much more interesting when you're able to communicate in the native language of the locals.